Story Videos Made Easy

Story Videos

Capture extended reviews and create stories

What is a Story video?

We take 3 video clips and fuse them into 1 amazing story!

The Capture a story feature is a multi-functional feature that can truly help you in telling your brand story and your customer’s experience with your brand.

You can use this feature to obtain a guided video review of your products or services for your client, use it to answer frequently asked questions, or to provide a more in-depth look at a product or service.

Honestly, the possibilities are endless!

Creating a Capture a Story video is simple:

Send an email requesting your customers response to 3 questions you provide


Magnfi will give the customer 30 seconds to record an answer to each question


All questions are answered and combined into a complete video sequence

Add your branding, background music and a call to action and this video is ready to tell your story

It’s really that easy

Magnfi will apply its magic by automatically adding a company logo, background music, and a call-to-action at the end and provide you with a finished video, ready for social sharing.

What Can Your Business Do with Magnfi Video Marketing Tools?

Collect Client Video Testimonials
Create Branded Marketing Videos
Send Video Email to Customers
Create Story Marketing Videos

Video Testimonials

Have you seen all the features of video testimonials? Capture a story is an extended version of this versatile tool.

Their customer service is amazing!...

“I have been using Magnfi for about 6 months and was able to obtain 35 video testimonials from my clients… Magnfi is so easy to use and their customer service is amazing”

Helped me connect with customers

 “I had a job that needed to get done but I had no idea how to complete it, until if found Magnfi 

Give Your Customers What They Want & Grow Your Business at the Same Time.