Your Very Own In-House Video Marketing Software Service

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Chose to be a Private Label or a Reseller!

Chose to be a Private Label & have your own branded in-house video marketing solution to capture video testimonials, send video email & create original branded videos.

Chose to be a Reseller & have your own branded in-house video marketing service offering & revenue stream you no longer have to outsource.

Have a Video Service that creates original video content that works with or without you.

As a Digital Marketing Agency, use your White Label To Attract New Full Service Clients.

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Have a new recurring Video Revenue stream

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With Magnfi’s White Label Platform, you’ll be able to:

Wield the full functioning power of Magnfi’s patent pending automated video testimonial capture process and producing.
Automate the process of give your clients quick, cost effective and authentic created branded video content.
Use your agency white label of Magnfi as an entry-level service to attract new clients to purchase additional services from your digital marketing agency.
Have a lead generator by turning your individual users into full service accounts.
Up charge your existing clients to manage their video testimonial campaign for them.
Unlock new recurring revenue streams to offer your digital marketing clients.
Your Logo, your color scheme, no Magnfi branding anywhere.
High Quality Video without the time + cost of hiring a video production company.
Scale your video service offering much more quickly vs. hiring a outside video company or utilizing a in-house person

Imagine Your Clients, finally get much needed Video Love & Never Leaving You!

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Easy Capture Media

If you are a Digital Marketing agency looking to add a video service offering, an independent digital consulting looking to up your revenue, or a marketing professional wanting to better service the company you work for then this free course is for you.